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"Thank you for helping us fix a wireless networking problem that nobody seemed to be able to fix. Using Valley Ugrades saved us from useless hours on the phone talking to people that know little more than we did."
        -Jessica S.      Decatur, Alabama  
" With the system cleaning, new processor and graphics upgrade, our computer is so much faster now. Thanks."
        -Tom W.     Decatur, Alabama  
"I bought a new game that bogged down my computer, friends were suggesting more ram and faster processor. Valley Upgrades looked at my system specs and said my graphics card was the bottleneck. They installed a new graphics card that quadrupled the frame rates at half the cost of other upgrades"
        -Linda V.    Hartselle, Alabama  
"What a difference in our network traffic, our bandwidth issues were solved with an easy low price solution."
        -Arthur H.    Decatur, Alabama  
"Thanks for the memory and graphics upgrades along with showing us how to maintain our computers."
        -Chris C.    Decatur, Alabama